Dec 17, 2015

20 of 20 Useful English for Competitive exams

Prepare online English for Competitive exam..

1.Find out the word with correct spelling.
(a) Alottee (b) Allotee (c)Alotte (d)Allottee 

2.Find out the word with correct spelling.
(a)Obssesion (b)Obssession (c)Obsession  (d)Obsessien

3. Find out the word with correct spelling.
(a)Catlogg (b)Catlog (c)Catlogue (d)Catalogue 

4. Find out the word with correct spelling.
(a)Refrigerator (b)Refriderater (c)Refridgerator (d)Referigerator

5. choose the word opposite -: Essential
(a)extras (b)noughats (c)minors (d)trivial  

6. choose the word opposite -:Headless
(a)irritate (b)calculated (c)rash (d)pinnacle

7. choose the word opposite -:Manoeuvre
(a)agency (b)madness (c)rest  (d)effort

8. choose the word opposite -:Pacify
(a)darken (b)threaten (c)challenge (d)quarrel  

9. choose the word opposite -:Barbarous
(a)great (b)civilized  (c)tame (d)hard

10. It is harmful to brood _________ past failures.
(a)On (b)Of  (c)Over (d)About

11. There were _______ than twenty students in the class.
(a)Fewer (b)Less  (c)Lesser (d)Much

12. I am fond of ______ apples with ______ cheese.
(a)The ,the (b)The , a (c)The , no article   (d)No article, no article

13. Five minutes _______ seem long to wait.
(a)Doesn't (b)aren't  (c)isn't (d)don't

14. I hope your novel _______ by the next month.
(a)Will have finished (b)Will have been finished (c)will have finish   (d)will be finishing.

15. Mango is loved by all _______ me.
(a)Accept (b)Except (c)Expect (d)Axcept can help you to prepare well in competitive exam by providing online material , video lectures and regular online tests(provided with Auto result and Daily solution)...

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